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I'm Austen Hufford.

Financial, multimedia and data journalist.

I cover U.S.-based corporate news for The Wall Street Journal in New York City.

I also work on longer-term features and data-based investigations.

Here's my resume in PDF format.

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Articles I've written

I've written numerous articles for The Michigan Daily on many topics. I have a particular
expertise in the Univeristy of Michigan's Sexual Misconduct Policy and I have won awards for some of these articles.

In addition I am also a frequent breaking-news and live-reporter who strives to get news out on Twitter and our website before the competition. I served as the Daily's crime reporter for one year and now help the newsroom with breaking news and longform stories concerning sexual misconduct.

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Internal sexual misconduct investigations complicate police response
This story gained attention on campus because it showed the University knew about sexual assault allegations without informing the police. The new sexual misconduct policy released in August requires the University to inform the police of allegations. Because of this report I won the Lipsey Journalism Award for Public Service Reporting, the Daily's most prestigious award for a single article.
A debatable future
For this feature story I traveled with the University's debate team to a weekend tournament in Evanston, Illinois. I wrote the story, took the photos and created a feature video on the team. This showcases my abilities as a multimedia journalist.
General Admission: Take One
The change of Michigan football tickets from assigned to general seating was a controversial move and many people didn't know how it was going to turn out. This story showcases my ability to write in interesting and informative ways. I also tweeted throughout the day so readers could know what was happening at the stadium.
Investigation powers strengthened under new sexual misconduct policy
This policy analysis piece looked at how the University of Michigan's Sexual Misconduct Policy had changed over the last several years and explored the impacts this had on campus.
Breakfast for the people at St. Andrew's
Since 1982, the St. Andrew's breakfast program has been divvying out free breakfast to all who come. Volunteers and patrons can't remember a single day when breakfast wasn't available.

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